Te Whakakaha Conservation Trust is a charitable trust formed to protect the native forest forming the habitat of the critically endangered Otawa Hochstetters frog species.

The Te Whakakaha Trust are the caretakers of the Otawa Scenic Reserve – 400 hectares of forest at the end of No 3 Road Te Puke. Since its inception in 2015, the Trust has progressed steadily in its aim to protect and restore the natural ecosystems of what was Stewardship land. Instrumental in the establishment of the area as a Sanctuary, the Trust now supports an active volunteer network in the Otawa Sanctuary and works in conjunction with the Department of Conservation (DOC) . The functions of the volunteers of the Trust include pest control, planting, fundraising, education, managing local recreation and networking on behalf of the environment.


  • Long-term survival of the ancient and critically endangered Otawa Hochstetter’s frog
  • Engaging community to restore and protect the ecology of the 400 ha Otawa Sanctuary Area
  • Creating a wildlife corridor and track network from Otanewainuku to Otawa Sanctuary and beyond to Papamaoa Hills


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